Holiday From BISC @ Spook Nook | Team Building

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This past Thursday, BucksMont’s management took a trip down to Manheim to visit Spooky Nook and to celebrate the holidays with a Team Building Party!  We spent the first portion of our day scaling the Clip-n-Climb, stairs to heaven, and cheering on each other conquering the Leap of Faith! After all that fun, we cooled down with a tour of their gigantic facility! With 10 Connor Maple hardwood courts, Over 28,000 square feet of sport court, Six cushioned tennis courts,100,000 square feet of mezzanine space for spectators or events, Three 60-foot x120-foot enclosed turf fields, Full-sized turf baseball/softball diamond,Fourteen batting cages and pitching lanes, Clip-n-Climb, rock wall, and so much more; we were are in awe! By the time the we finished up our tour, we grabbed some lunch at one of their many cafe’s, and wrapped up the day with some fun in the arcade!  The day was agreed to be simply called amazing! We believe here at BucksMont that working hard and together deserves to play hard together! Teamwork is what ultimately makes any business succeed! Please check out us doing the Leap of Faith Here:

  • Happy Holidays! From BucksMont!

Buck Smont

For the Love of the Game.