Lil' Kickers is Kicking all Winter long!

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Lil Kickers Youth Soccer at Bucksmont Indoor Sports Complex

You missed sign-ups for Lil' Kickers at our Open House or first day of classes on Dec. 12? Don't feel discouraged, it's okay! Lil' Kickers at BucksMont Indoor Sports Center here in Hatfield is one of the few youth programs around that allows you hop in at any time! You can pro-rate or pay as you go! It is a great way to get your lil' one hoppin' into soccer. With super friendly and awesome coaches, multiple times and days, and ages/skill level from 18mo. to 6yr., it is hard not to have your lil' enrolled in our Lil' Kickers Program! What are you waiting for? Enroll your Lil' Kicker TODAY!

To find more information about Lil' Kickers, please click the image above!

Buck Smont

For the Love of the Game.