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Welcome to the Future

Weather you are playing, or we are working, BucksMont Indoor Sports Center is always trying new things to make things easier for all of us here!
One of our newest initiatives is QR Codes! Next time you are here at BISC, you may see some of our flyers, & TV ads with the QR Codes in the corner. If you are confused with what QR codes are, you can read about that here. Basically, we are making it easier for you to get the information you are seeing 'in-house' to in your pocket (phone) where you can check out the information at your leisure! Making that much easier to stay up-to-date on the leagues & programs that matter to you!

When you are good & ready to make Your life easier, here are some apps to make this happen:

QR Reader Android*
QR Reader Apple*
*we are no way affiliated, nor promoting any particular app*

You are probably thinking, this is sorta cool, but is it really THAT easy or worth doing?
The answer is YES! Below is a video demistrating how EASY it truly is- Watch the video &/or follow these simple steps:

1. Launch Camera/Scanner App
2. Photograph/scan code
3. Click Link
4. Enjoy!

We hope that you are as excited as us as we are about the QR Codes, & that you embrace the ease of the future ;)

NEED a lil more?
For the super geeks/users who NEED it off their phone to their Computing Device, a highly reccomended tool is PushbulletPushbullet allows you to freely send tabs, links, images, etc. bewteen your phone apps/browser to your PC! 
All Pushbullet needs is to be installed on your Phone: Android or Apple & then on your browser (perferably chrome)

Buck Smont

For the Love of the Game.