Egg Hunt Carnival + Summer Camp Open House

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Egg Hunt & Camp Open House with Carnival Fundraiser to benefit Kisses for Kyle

18mo. - 10yrs
(Separate groups)
10am - 2pm
3 & Under-10:30AM
March 19th
*Egg Hunt is free
*Carnival is $10 per family
Egg Hunt is free, however $5 donations are greatly
appreciated. Proceeds from the event going to 
benefit Kisses For Kyle Carnivalis $10 per family 
includes give aways, bounce houses, face painting, 
raffle prizes and more!
Kisses for Kyle Foundation

Egg Hunt Carnival Kisses for Kyle Foundation

Egg Hunt SpecialEarly Bird SpecialRegular Pricing

MUST be present at Egg Hunt(Mar.19th)

Must register before May 1st

Regular Full Week Full Day price

Buck Smont

For the Love of the Game.